18 Reasons Why Donald Trump Is A Far Better President Than Barack Obama

Donald Trump is white

He’s a Caucasian


He’s not black

White lives matter

Black lives do not matter

He’s of European descent, not African

He’s not African-American

Whites are superior, and Donald Trump is white

His wife is white (although foreign)

His children are white (although clueless, lifeless, or insane)

His parents were white (although irresponsible)

His grandfather was from Germany, and his father was a Nazi, and he’s got all that Aryan lingo down

He doesn’t have a sickle cell in his body

He doesn’t rap

He doesn’t know the lyrics to any songs by Al Green

He can’t dance

He can’t play basketball

Donald Trump is lily white, white like the forefathers, white, white, WHITE! (And sometimes orange, but orange is the new white.)

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