Ana Navarro Destroys Trump Defender Jan Brewer – Video

Watch Ana Navarro unload on former Gov. of Arizona, Jan Brewer.
Republican strategist and political commentator Ana Navarro is not one to mince words when it comes to taking on Trump and his minions.

She has been in the spotlight almost daily the last few months, earlier this week she appeared on CNN and called Trump a “shameful nincompoop” who is “unfit to be human.”


Last month she went to war with Donald Trump Jr. after he made the mistake of gunning for her using his Twitter account. Navarro was quick to silence him, calling him “Little Boy Trump” and “Trumpito.” She explained in a subsequent tweet that: “In Spanish, it’s the male diminutive for Little Boy Trump,” and called on Twitter users to join the fun. “Come on guys, let’s get #Trumpito trending. Activate! Replicate! Irritate!!!” she tweeted.

Most recently, she clashed with the former Republican Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, during an appearance on CNN shortly after Trump’s “jaw-dropping press conference” this Tuesday where he appeared to be defending white supremacists and Nazis.

The confrontation began after CNN host Don Lemon played a clip of Trump’s now infamous 2015 campaign announcement where he lashed out at Mexico stating:

When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best…. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.

Turning to Brewer, Lemon pointed out that Trump’s “critics are saying he showed us who he was in those comments over two years ago. At least he’s consistent. He hasn’t changed. And people shouldn’t be surprised by his behavior today [during Tuesday’s press conference].”

Brewer shot back, “What issue do you take with him by saying just what he said? The fact of the matter is, being a border governor, we know that we’re not getting the best of what Mexico could send to us. We know that the drug cartels are down there. We know that the rapists are coming across and then they go to sanctuary cities and then they head back and then they head back here again. This is America. American people should be protected also.”

Asked by Lemon her response to that diatribe, Navarro responded: “again Don, life is too short for me to respond to something like that. What I will say is that you’re exactly right.”

Turning her attention to Trump she continued, stating:

He showed us during the campaign over and over and over who was. We saw him boast about sexual predatory behavior. We heard him attack Judge [Gonzalo] Curiel. We heard him attack the Khans. We heard him attack Mexicans. We heard him attack women over and over and over again. He showed us who he was. But Republicans, so many Republicans – look I have friends here in Miami who voted for him because he was going to change Cuba policy and he did.

But that’s not enough. That is not enough because the harm he is causing this country is just too great to look the other way. And many people thought that when he entered the Oval Office, he would become presidential, that the magnitude of his office would make him change and become a presidential figure. Well six-and-a-half months have gone by, seven months have gone by – you don’t change a 71-year-old man.
He is not going to change, and it is time that Republicans start realizing that and stop giving him a damn chance. He’s not going to change. He will continue embarrassing us and making us feel ashamed.


Lemon jumped in, asking Brewer if she was “okay with everything” Trump said at his press conference.

“From everything I heard, I don’t have a problem with it” Brewer responded.

But the fact of the matter is that all of this rhetoric is all sour grapes because it’s just continually coming through the networks across our country. And he was duly elected. He is the president of the United States. And for people to use some of the verbiage they have used has destroyed

Lemon interrupted her to point out that “Ana [Navarro] is a Republican, a long-time Republican.”

Brewer continued, stating that:

It comes across that everyone’s candidate didn’t win, so they just want to go after the president on every little issue with code words, dog whistles, there’s this and there’s that. My God, I’ve lived a long time and I’ve never ever seen a part of our country behave in this manner, this extent. It’s over the top and it’s disturbing.
Lemon interjected, saying: “There are people watching that will say that it sounds like you are talking about Donald Trump and those people who were out there with torches the other night.”

“Those are bad people,” Brewer responded, adding: “no one is going to say the Ku Klux Klan carrying tiki lights are good people.”

Lemon corrected her saying “The president said that today. He said there were ‘good people in there.’”

Navarro jumped in, asking Brewer to let her respond uninterrupted. “Jan, I don’t interrupt you – so please give me the same respect I have given you which has taken enormous restraint.”

Continuing, she stated that:

One of the things that he [Trump] did today, by the way, was also to come out and attack the Senior Senator from Arizona [John McCain] who is battling brain cancer right now. I find that offensive, not only as a friend of John McCain’s, but as an American. I find it offensive as a human with empathy. I find it offensive for my friend Cindy and Meghan McCain [John McCain’s wife and daughter]. I find it unacceptable.

And if anybody is going to ask me to respect Donald Trump because he’s president, first I would say to them: Tell him to respect the presidency. Tell him to respect the American people. Tell him to treat his office with the dignity that it deserves.

Do not hold me to a higher scrutiny than you hold him! Do not hold me to a higher scrutiny when it comes to rhetoric that you hold him. He is dividing us. Not us. Believe me, I got over Jeb Bush years ago, he ran a terrible campaign. If you think this is sour grapes over Jeb Bush, are you sorely mistaken.
This is pain. This is pain over what is happening in the United States of America. America, a home that embraced me and is today my homeland.

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