Anthony Scaramucci just blindsided Steve Bannon with what he’s always deserved

Steve Bannon has spent his life destroying the nation, the lives of others, destroying society. He’s the monster responsible for the damage done by Breitbart, by Brexit, and by Donald Trump. And yet, throughout all the decades of his adult life, no one has ever managed to hit Steve Bannon with the kind of karma he deserved – until he came up against someone who’s even more deranged than he is.

Anthony Scaramucci just did to Steve Bannon in a five second span what the rest of the known universe has never managed to accomplish: he ruined him. Scaramucci called up a reporter and delivered an unhinged rant that’s so disturbing that it suggests he’s so mentally unstable he might turn up dead in a gutter in a week (and no, that’s not a joke; Scaramucci belongs in a rubber room). But somewhere in the most deranged political meltdown of all time, Scaramucci muttered the following: “I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own cock.”


And that’s all it took. As of this moment, Steve Bannon is now the guy who tried to suck his own cock, and he always will be. This is what he’ll be remembered for throughout the remainder of his time in the political spotlight. This is the punchline that’ll follow him and haunt him and define him. If history remembers Bannon’s miserable and destructive existence at all, it’ll simply be for this one quip about him.

To be clear, what happened to Bannon tonight was profoundly unfair. His own colleague hit him with an insult that was inappropriate and for that matter, in all probability inaccurate. It’s the kind of moment that would cause you to feel bad for just about anyone, even someone you despise, if you saw it happen to them. But considering the damage that Steve Bannon has done to this world, he’s the rare specimen who deserves this.

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