Charlottesville white supremacists ‘terrified’ of being exposed online

White supremacists involved in the Charlottesville violence are reportedly “terrified” about being publicly exposed, in case they lose their jobs or receive abuse online.

On Monday it emerged anti-fascist vigilantes were naming and shaming white supremacists on social media, after clashes between the two sides overwhelmed the city over the weekend.


“If you recognise any of the Nazis marching in Charlottesville, send me their names/profiles and I’ll make them famous,” one Twitter user requested.

The rally was the largest congregation of white nationalist groups in over a decade and saw brawls between people holding KKK banners and confederate flags and groups of anti-fascist protesters.

Following the campaign, a man was fired from his job at a hot dog restaurant in Berkeley and another has allegedly been disowned by his family over his involvement in the violence.

The frequency with which people are having their details published online – known as ‘doxxing’ – is reportedly a major source of concern for the Charlottesville marchers.

Keegan Hankes, an analyst at South Poverty Law Centre’s Intelligence Project, said the neo-Nazi protesters were well aware it was “hard to make a living, hard to have a normal social life when all your friends and family know you believe in ethnic cleansing”.

“When you see those articles that say, ‘We can come out of the shadows now and we don’t have to hide our identities,’ that’s pure bluster,” he told Vice.

“That’s them trying to embolden their supporters or bring more people into the fold who would otherwise be casual observers or just stay away, because they’re afraid of the consequences of being involved. The truth is, they’re terrified.”

Hundreds of photos of white supremacists appeared online in the wake of the violence. Most of the nationalists are known to use pseudonyms and masking techniques to conceal their identities online, but the photographs have made this problematic.

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