Chris Christie Gets In Face Of Fan & Bullies Him With Secret Service Detail

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie attended a Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs baseball game today, where he literally got in the face of a fan, because he was being heckled verbally by many in attendance. Fortunately this aggressive incident was caught on camera and there is no defense for it.

In the clip, Chris Christie gets right in the face of a fan and starts saying something intelligible right in the fan’s face. He had his Secret Service detail with him and was clearly trying to intimidate the fan. Christie then walks away and says to the fan, “you’re a big shot.” The fan says nothing to Christie until Christie starts walking away, when he simply says back to Christie, “[I] appreciate that.”


A friend of the fan asked him what Christie said in his face, to which the fan replied, “I don’t know, ‘you wanna act like a big shot?’” Someone else seated next to the fan also noted that Christie clearly felt like bullying this fan because he had his taxpayer funded back up wit him, “There was a secret service right there” said the friend. You can see everything in the clip below;

It’s unclear why Christie singled out this one fan, but clearly, the fan was seated nowhere near Christie. We clearly see Christie walk far down into the bleachers after being in this man’s face. It seems doubtful that this fan was all that aggressive, because he remained clam and in emotional control, as Christie aggressively got in his face.

Chris Christie is the same scum of the earth who closed down beaches in New Jersey over 4th of July weekend this year, but then accessed those beaches for himself on the 4th, while everyone else was prohibited from using them. His behavior at this game is even worse, as elected officials should not be getting physically aggressive and trying to physically intimidate members of the public. Be sure to spread and share this around, so everyone is aware of this horrible man’s behavior.

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