Dan Rather Speaks Out About Hurricane Harvey & The Nation Responds Beautifully

Hurricane Harvey has had a devastating effect on southeast Texas, causing major flooding. Many people living in the affected areas have lost their homes, their belongings, their businesses, and the towns that they call home, in what the National Weather Service called an “unprecedented” storm.

During this time of crisis, many Americans are lost, seeking the guidance of a strong leader, in what the next step is. However, Trump has epically failed to provide the relief that many have been hoping for. The president has commented on the hurricane, however, his words ring false, and don’t show any real support for the victims of the devastating hurricane.


While the president could not find the words, legendary newsman Dan Rather, stepped up and expressed his solidarity with the victims of Hurricane Harvey, in a Facebook message that went viral fast.

Rather’s powerful message for Americans quickly went viral, accumulating comments and shares within a short span of time. You can see some of the replies on the Facebook posting below.

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