‘A Danger to the Constitution’: LA Times Condemns Trump in Scathing Editorial

Free speech is often the most quoted part of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution due to it being the most direct right citizens utilize on a day-by-day basis. Without the right to say whatever you want (so long as it does not endanger public safety), this country would quickly turn fascistic through government censorship.

But the freedom of the press has always been as equally important as it is the news media that holds institutions accountable. Whether it is providing a refuge for whistleblowers or reporting on the actions of the government or digging deep into cover-ups, the people of this country rely on the press more than they think: especially when combined with the instantaneous information spreading of social media. Stories can go viral, especially big ones involving corruption.


It is probably because of this latter trait that the Trump Administration has been against the press for some time. Readers may remember the first official press conference by then-White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who literally stated that there was a war between the media and the current Administration. Even before he was elected President, Trump had The Washington Postbanned from his campaign’s events in June 2016, due to the managers apparently being unable to field tough policy questions.
These events, and plenty of other incidents, have been building up to the coup de grâce released today: the LA Times condemnation of President Trump. In a scathing piece by the entire editorial staff titled “Enough is Enough,” the team expressed what every sane person has been thinking of Trump (in a professional way). Opening up with the phrase: “The man in the White House is reckless and unmanageable, a danger to the Constitution, a threat to our democratic institutions,” the board went on to point out how Trump’s recent false equivalency between the left and alt-right was one of the last straws for them in terms of tolerance.

Immediately following that, the LA Times went on to point out the numerous Republicans and conservatives that have officially broken rank from Trump, including the fact that his Joint Chiefs of Staff had to personally condemn bigotry and hatred when he took too long to do so:

“Also last week, five members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a tacit rebuke to the president by condemning racism and hatred in Charlottesville. Denouncing Nazis and Klansmen is not exactly controversial or cutting-edge in 2017, but for the generals to take on the commander in chief is, to say the least, highly unusual.”

All this, and more were present in a beautifully penned piece that will go down in history as an example of a news medium standing up for its belief in both Democracy and the freedom of the press. We encourage everyone to not only read it, but share it. The American people have to be the ones that put up the fight against Trump and his cronies.

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