Donald Trump Jr. linked to Mexican drug cartel run by El Chapo

There may finally be a specific explanation for why Donald Trump originally kicked off his campaign by attacking Mexico and starting a feud with Mexican drug lord El Chapo: he was pushing back against his own son’s association with the cartel. Based on a new investigative piece by Grant Stern, it turns out Donald Trump Jr. has been linked to El Chapo’s drug cartel.

Stern connected the dots from a confirmed 2012 collaboration between Donald Trump Jr. and Baltic International Bank, to an ongoing alleged money laundering relationship between Baltic International Bank and the Sinaloa Mexican drug cartel run by El Chapo (link). The bank in question is pleading its innocence on Medium while insisting that its interactions with Trump Jr. were a one-time thing (link). But the link stands out as perhaps too bizarre to be a coincidence.


To be clear, there is no evidence that Donald Trump Jr.’s connection to the Baltic International Bank involved money laundering, and in turn there is only evidence (not proof) that Baltic International Bank is in fact laundering money for El Chapo’s cartel. But it’s remarkable how Trump Jr. just keeps managing to find his way into meetings with people who are connected with Russian government attorneys, or Russian spies, or banks connected to El Chapo.

Even more remarkable is the fact that each of Donald Trump Jr.’s suspicious relationships ends up being something that his father has either strongly aligned himself with (Russia) or made a point of picking a fight against (El Chapo) during the course of his political endeavors. Is it really possible that Donald Trump’s entire war of words with Mexico and El Chapo was a matter of protesting too much against Trump Jr.’s link to the drug cartel? It sounds like yet another aspect of the Trump family business that federal investigators need to dig further into.

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