Donald Trump Supporters In Michigan Are Asked About The Russia Investigation, They Say It Is All “FAKE NEWS”

It’s amazing…the people who voted for Donald Trump continue to look up to him as a God, despite the fact that he wants to take away their healthcare.

It’s been almost a year since the Russia investigation began. After the election the FBI started to look into ties between Russians and Donald Trump’s campaign—and whether or not Trump obstructed justice. While this might seem like a big deal, some voters don’t care.





Vox’s Lindsay Maizland went to a couple of small towns in Michigan that voted for Trump, and asked the residents about the investigation. Their response? “The media just needs to leave Trump alone, and the Russia investigation is a distraction,” Maizland reported.

“What do I think about the Russia-Trump issues? I think it’s never been proven that he had anything to do with Russia whatsoever. But the liberal left will not leave it alone,” Rich Marshbanks, a veteran and barber, said. “They’re trying to destroy him.” He then went to one of Trump’s go-to attacks. “The media, the fake news, anything they can come up with, they’re trying to destroy him.”



Rovertta Laier, a dairy farmer, also blamed the liberals. “It’s just the left trying to dog him just because he’s an outsider. They don’t want him in there, so they’re going to try to come up with anything to impeach him,” she said. She also gave an excuse for his behavior on Twitter. “He’s 70, come on. People will say and do anything as they get older. They don’t have a filter.”

And to Nancy Androsky, a grandmother, it’s just not a big deal at all:

“I’m tired of hearing about the Russia thing. Let it go and move on. The media is the one that’s propagating it. They just won’t let it die. They just keep bringing it up again and again and again. There are things that are more important right now, and that’s over and done with.”

Argentine’s new Republican supervisor Brian Saad blamed Democrats in general. “I think this is all noise to try to make a good foothold for the other side, the Democrats, to get re-positioned in 2018 and 2020,” he said. “Democrats have not had a good past 10 years of elections.”




The most promising response came from Hillsdale College junior Daniel Shanley. Shanley describes how he is unsure of the investigation because it’s such a tremendous accusation, but there is little evidence so far. He also says that while he mostly watches Fox News, he still checks CNN and other sites to “see both sides of it” because he doesn’t “want to base any of [his] claims or thoughts off of just one side”—like a good college student should. His belief is that:

“I think something definitely went on though, whether it was with Trump, or people are saying it happened when Obama was still in office too. There’s definitely some sort of interference that Russia had with something. So I think it is good that we’re trying to figure out what exactly it is. But like I said, they’re kind of steering it to get Trump out of office.”

Despite that 66% of Republicans think that the investigation is at least somewhat—if not critically—important, most residents of Linden and Argentine Michigan care more about Trump’s campaign promise, primarily his plans for the military, refugees, and jobs.

But one thing that both conservatives and liberals forget is this is an ongoinginvestigation. Whether the FBI hasn’t found all of the details (or revealed them) yet, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. The case is not closed. It took over a year for the Watergate investigation to get anywhere solid. Only Shanley, the youngest person interviewed, seemed to understand that. Maybe he’s a sign that young Millennials actually care more about the truth and holding elected officials responsible than the Generation X and Baby Boomers before them.

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