Donald Trump’s most notorious fans hit the panic button in fear that the big bombshell is imminent

This morning Donald Trump decided to create one of his most controversial distractions to date, as he announced that he was unilaterally banning transgender people from the United States military. The move helps endear him to his bigoted base during his feud with fellow bigot Jeff Sessions, and it’s also set off immediate anti-Trump protests in major cities. But to hear some of Trump’s own notorious fans tell it, they fear he’s trying to distract from something even bigger.

Mike Cernovich, a prominent pro-Trump online propagandist, tweeted that “Something BIG is happening today, I don’t know what yet, but the transgender stuff is a distraction.” Cassandra Fairbanks, another notorious pro-Trump shill, responded to Cernovich with “This was my immediate thought as well. Something is going on.” This is a frankly shocking level of publicly admitted panic coming from Trump’s own biggest cheerleaders, as they openly acknowledge that they fear Trump is only pulling this stunt as a distraction.


In another clue, Time Magazine reporter Zeke Miller tweeted that a “White House official tells me admin is thrilled media is focusing on transgender servicemember issue” (link). This only serves to underline that Donald Trump is desperate for the nation’s focus to be on the transgender issue – even though it’s bringing a renewed level of mass protest against him – because there’s something else coming that he hopes this will take some focus away from.

Palmer Report pointed out earlier today that Donald Trump’s transgender ban works as a way of placating his bigoted base at at time when he’s in danger of losing them. Jeff Sessions is a more bona fide bigot, and Trump’s base could turn against him as Trump continues to turn against Sessions (link). But based on the reactions of Trump’s own biggest cheerleaders, there appears to be a bigger shoe about to drop. The best educated guess would be that it’s the biggest Russia bombshell yet.

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