She Is Done: The Senate Just Sent Wasserman Schultz The Worst News Of Her Life!!!

The Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Chuck Grassley (R-IA), requested copies of immigration files for the Pakistani IT staffers. The Daily Caller reports that Grassley wants as much information as possible about Imran Awan and his family.

“Because of the alleged illegal activity, the committee seeks to better understand Awan and his associates’ immigration histories”, stated Grassley. Lt. Col Shafer confirmed that their loyalties are not with us.


According to The Daily Caller, the Pakistani IT staffers wired $283,000 from Congressional Federal Credit Union to two people in Pakistan.

Share this if you want to expose Debbie Wasserman Shultz! We need Congress to finally start doing their jobs and locking up the criminals!

If no one is held responsible, America is going to shift from civil discourse to something far worse.


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