Former Mexican President Just Shut Trump Up With One Tweet And It’s GLORIOUS

Donald Trump has barely given any attention to Houston and their current crisis due to Hurricane Harvey. But he has, however, invested more time into getting back into creating controversy within politics. On his way, a former Mexican President decided to remind Trump how much of an embarrassment he is while blasting Trump’s hate for Mexicans.

Vincente Fox Quesada, took to Twitter and slammed Trump for doing not enough for the Hurricane Harvey victims all while highlighting the huge efforts of Mexican Bakers. Check out the tweet where he even mentioned Donald Trump directly,


IN YOUR FACE! The Mexican Bakers were trapped in their bakery during the storm, so they decided to make hundred of ‘pan dulce’ for victims of the storm. Yep, MEXICANS helping AMERICANS. The same Mexicans Trump refers to as rapist and thugs in America. The same Mexicans he wants to build a wall to keep out. How about that?

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