Impeachment or Removal From Oval Office Would RUIN Him

Removal from office by any means other than losing re-election or voluntarily resigning would literally ruin Donald J. Trump, his brand & even his family.

A large majority, perhaps as much as two-thirds of the country, want Donald J. Trump to be impeached or removed via Article 4 of the 25th Amendment. Unfortunately, with his party in control of congress,  they didn’t give us the tools to do that or it probably would’ve been done by now.

Nevertheless, the fight continues and when it becomes expedient for the GOP to remove him or the Democrats finally gain control of at least one chamber of congress, Donald Trump will be expunged from the White House.


To that point, not much has been said or maybe even thought of the ramifications of separating our acting POTUS Trump from the Presidency—not for the country, which would be extensive and needs to be discussed separately—but for Trump himself. For Donald J. Trump and his family, the result of being forcibly removed from office would, in my opinion, be catastrophic for him and if this very limited person had had the ability to think ahead he never would have run for President. But as we are learning (we who pay attention) he lacks that ability.

I wouldn’t be surprised if DJT, never played chess, or checkers, cards or even the real estate board game right up his alley, Monopoly. Anything that takes foresight and concentration. That is why his ideas are formed from the last conversation he had or the last thing he saw on Fox News. Donald J. Trump is, as far as I can see, devoid of any innate abilities except for one—determination—and that one thing is very strong in DJT. Determination is likely why he is what he is, instead of a used car salesman, where he belongs.

But enough about DJT’s shortcomings and ability. I have come to this determination by mixing facts about the Trump campaign/administration with widely accepted assumptions about DJT & his family.

First, Donald Trump having exhausting his welcome with the Wall Street Banks and other domestic lenders, turned to USSR in the mid to late 80s and Russia starting in the 90s to finance his sizable nut and ventures. In this regard he was wildly successful as sources of money opened up to him that had to surprise even him. Of course these sources of money—Russian oligarchs—were just as corrupt as him. It was this financial marriage that saved ‘The Donald’s’ bacon, but inextricably tied him to his money suppliers in a subservient position, ie. they own him. (source)

Second, I’m sure Donald Trump who always sought the limelight, didn’t expect the intensity of scrutiny that comes with the Presidency. Add a juicy Russian election scandal, appoint an independent prosecutor, conduct four congressional investigations and you have a free press feeding frenzy, like nothing since and maybe surpassing Watergate. That’s all bad enough, this added scrutiny is highlighting past misdeeds like money laundering, and using a charity for a personal piggy bank, that not only skirt the law, but probably break the law. (source) And New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is on Trump’s trail like a bloodhound.

So let’s suppose Donald J. Trump was forcibly removed from the White House and didn’t get pardoned by his successor—what happens?

  • For starters the fabled winner get’s labeled a loser (something he’ll hate and I’m looking forward to) and his cloak of invincibility will disappear.
  • Purposely or sub conscientiously people will start to avoid his properties, not just in the U.S. but across the world.
  • Schneiderman and other attorney’s general will indict DJT on a list of offenses, headed by laundering money for Russian mob/oligarchs, via his real estate holdings.
  • The U.S. Attorney General’s office will bring charges against DJT from violating emolument and nepotism laws to conspiring with a foreign government to influence the election, thereby electing him in a fraudulent election.
  • The cost of defending these federal & state government charges will start depleting his wealth, especially with his income diminished.
  • While the Russian oligarchs will still need to wash their filthy lucre, they won’t be able to use Trump anymore because his every move will be scrutinized by law enforcement and media. With Trump, no longer of use to them, the Russian mob/oligarchs will cut him loose.
  • Not only will they cut Trump loose, the Russian mob/oligarchs will probably call the hundreds of millions to billions of dollars in loans they’ve made to the former POTUS.
  • With their useful idiot no longer useful, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Putin & friends quietly contributing evidence, maybe through WikiLeaks, to the various prosecutors who will be prosecuting Trump—a method to add to the chaos within the U.S. economy and government.

In short, if Donald J. Trump is forcibly removed from the Presidency, he may vary well be doomed, an eventuality of which, I’m sure, he can’t conceive.

As an undeclared candidate for AZ CD8, I welcome your support.

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