MASSIVE Protest Shouting ‘NY HATES YOU’ Surrounds Trump Tower Ahead Of Trump’s Return To NYC

A truly massive protest featuring cream of the crop anti-Trump posters and slogans, has engulfed Trump Tower in Midtown New York City tonight, in anticipation of Trump’s return to the tower around 9 P.M. People are clearly having a blast as they peacefully protest and chant, “New York hates you” outside of the Tower.

Anti-Trump protestors handing out free pizza at the Tower


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Protestors are also holding up signs honoring Heather Heyer, the woman killed by the insane Nazi loving driver of the car that drove into peaceful protestors on Saturday in Virginia.

Protestors are even up in the Gucci store in Trump Tower.

Signs at the Gucci store in Trump Tower – “Hate has no home here”

This protest is truly massive in scale and will make it challenging to get Trump inside the Tower when he arrives soon.

People have noticed the irony in Trump Tower being surrounded by white dumpster garbage trucks.

People are also taking photos of a giant inflatable Trump rat that has popped up right on the route that Trump’s motorcade will take to the Tower.

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