Melania Trump Reportedly Feeling “Pressure” In First Lady Role, And Is “Tired” And Miserable, BOO-HOO!

Melania Trump isn’t a very active First Lady, and barely has any kind of public presence. She’s only traveled without her husband once, and postponed her move to the White House as long as possible. But for the ex-model, the role is “tiring.”





In an interview with Life & Style, Federico Pignatelli, a close friend to the Trumps, described how Melania is coping with the pressure that comes with being married to President Trump. “She feels the pressure. She always has to be kind, perfect, well-dressed, well-everything,” Pignatelli said. “It’s tiring. It’s a tough schedule. She has to be a mother, a first lady, the wife of a man as well.”

Or, maybe she doesn’t have to deal with being the “wife of a man” too much. Pignatelli verified rumors that Donald and Melania sleep in separate beds. “She has her own space and he has his own space,” He added, “And they can sleep together a few nights and other nights not.”



One problem that Melania is having is choosing what cause to fight for, such as Michelle Obama did with health initiatives, and Laura Bush did with education. However, both Obama and Bush took on many causes. That looks like it might change soon. “The First Lady continues to be thoughtful about her initiatives, and we look forward to announcing something in the coming weeks,” spokesperson Stephanie Grisham told RealClearPolitics. “As for details of that ‘something,’ it is safe to say that Mrs. Trump is very focused on the health and well-being of children.”

Melania finding a cause to support is something the White House desperately needs. In the last week, Donald Trump irreparably destroyed the image of the White House. She might be reluctant to be active in a humanitarian or sustainability campaign, but at this point, bringing any kind of image of caring and morality to the White House rests on her.

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