Melania Trump’s Outfit To Visit Desperate Hurricane Victims Has Americans In An Uproar

Right now, the people of Texas are suffering. There really is no way to estimate the damage at this point as now levees are beginning to be breached by the historic rainfall that has brought Texas to a standstill.
With flooding still raging, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump traveled to Texas to stand with Texans and to assess the damage. In an example of just how out of touch the pair are, Melania looked fabulous.

In a pair of high heels that probably cost more than your vehicle and wholly inappropriate for walking in flood waters, Melania looked great.

Screenshot from Twitter.

Mind you, we don’t expect Melania to show up in a potato sack. However, exercising some modesty in your footwear would be advisable around people who have lost everything in their lives including their shoes. If for no other reason, she should have taken her own safety in mind considering everything in Texas is wet.

Twitter ripped Melania and her shoes apart.

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