Melania’s Monday Tweet About Labor Day Makes Her Wish She Were Dead Instantly

Throughout his campaign, President Trump did his best to convince his supporters that he intended to fight for American workers. Despite the fact that Trump regularly employs foreign workers at his resorts and has many of his own products made overseas, much of the country believed that he had their best interests in mind.
Since he entered the White House in January, Trump and his staff have made many proposals that show a blatant preference for wealthy American entrepreneurs over middle-class American laborers.

For example, Trump has proposed a 40 percent cut for the government agency that is in charge of conducting research into workplace hazards. He’s also tried to entirely eliminate a $10.5 million program that helps some unions and nonprofit organizations educate workers on avoiding injury and illness.


In June, Trump’s Labor Secretary, R. Alexander Acosta, also announced the withdrawal of two Obama-era guidelines. The first guideline clarified when a worker could be classified as an independent business operator as opposed to an employee, who receives protections like minimum wage and overtime pay. The second guideline explained when a company could be considered a joint employer — meaning it shared responsibility for a worker along with a contractor, staffing agency, or franchise — and could be held liable for infractions committed by those other companies.

Clearly, the Trump administration has proven that it does not value American workers as much as the president would have people think. That’s why, when the first lady had the audacity to post tweet celebrating Labor Day on Monday afternoon, she was met largely with outrage from people who stand to lose the most under her husband’s administration.

Melania told her followers:

‘On this #LaborDay2017 we honor American workers for their many contributions to the prosperity of these United States.’

While she did receive a few positive comments, many more people responded to Melania’s tweet by reminding her that her husband’s actions and proposed policies threaten the safety and success of millions of American workers. Others pointed out the hypocrisy of celebrating American laborers while the president and his children utilize cheap overseas labor, and a few people also just wanted to express their general disdain for the first lady and President Trump.

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