Parents’ Response to Trump’s VILE Boy Scouts Speech Says It All [Tweets]

BREAKING: Trump’s speech at the National Boy Scout Jamboree was nothing short of disgusting. He used his appearance as a platform to slam Obama and glorify himself. Parents were so offended by his speech, that they are literally pulling their children out of Boy Scouts.

The entire speech was self-centered; Trump included his customary shot at the “fake news,” highlighted Hillary Clinton’s loss, and bragged about his huge electoral college win.


He asked the group of boys and their scout leaders if Obama ever attended the Jamboree. The crowd answered his question with boos. Of course, Trump’s remarks were hypocritical, considering Obama was the Indonesian equivalent of a boy scout, and Trump was never a member.

Trump also set his sights on Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price over the failure of Trumpcare.

He stated:

“You’re going to get the votes? He better get ’em. Oh, he better. Otherwise, I’ll say, Tom, you’re fired. I’ll get somebody [else].”

Parents of boy scouts have been expressing their outrage on Twitter:

He referred to his friend Jeffrey Epstein, who is a known pedophile and registered sex offender.  The irony is Trump bragged about a child molester to a crowd of children.

What is your reaction?

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