Paul Ryan Makes DACA Announcement That Directly Defies Trump – Tantrum Looms

There have been numerous recent reports suggesting that the White House is planning on ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, otherwise known as DACA. The White House has pushed back on these reports, but it wouldn’t be surprising if, at some point in the near future, an abrupt announcement came out that DACA was over.

Although the White House has refused to confirm the reports suggesting their plan to end the program, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has now made his opinion known on the matter. Showing yet again just how disconnected the White House and Republicans in Congress actually are, Speaker Ryan, when pressed about it, asserted that the White House should not end the DACA program.


When asked about the apparent White House plan to end DACA, Speaker Ryan said:

‘I actually don’t think he should do that. I believe that this is something that Congress has to fix.’
Speaker Ryan made these remarks, as CNN reports, in a Friday appearance on a radio show in his hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin.

DACA allows undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children to be protected from deportation. Trump has ramped up deportations since taking office, even though for many millions of the nation’s “undocumented immigrants,” the only strike against them is their immigration status. When pressed, federal officials have insisted that their priority remains to remove immigrants who have committed crimes — but that doesn’t negate the vitriolic rhetoric that the president has employed time and time again on immigration.

Trump has said at times that DREAMers — those living safely in the U.S. thanks to the DACA program — shouldn’t “worry” — but he also paraded into office on a promise to deport all of the over 13 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the U.S.

Remarkably, Ryan’s response to the issue of whether or not to end DACA is actually level headed compared to the president’s endless back and forth — and that’s saying something. If Paul Ryan sounds more reasonable than you, how far gone are you?

As he explained to a radio host, it would be a humanitarian travesty to subject those in the U.S. under DACA to deportation.

He said:

‘President [Barack] Obama does not have the authority to [have instituted DACA]… we’ve made that very clear. Having said all of that, there are people who are in limbo. These are kids who know no other country, who were brought here by their parents and don’t know another home. And so I really do believe there that there needs to be a legislative solution.’
So will there be a “legislative solution”? Only time will show the answer to that question. As CNN reports, there are “a number of moderate Republicans alongside Democrats [who] support the program and have offered legislation that would make the protections permanent.”

Either way, no matter how the White House decides to proceed on DACA, time is running out — a coalition of ten attorneys general have threatened to file a lawsuit on September 5 seeking to force DACA to end if the White House doesn’t move to end it.

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