These Photos Of Obama Moving Malia Into A Harvard Dorm Just Went Crazy Viral

While some of the Trump children are busy dealing with allegations of colluding with Russiaand stealing money that was meant to go to kids with cancer, President Obama’s oldest daughter, Malia, is starting her freshman year at Harvard University. Malia is joining the class of 2021 after taking a gap year.
The purpose of the gap year was presumably to allow Malia to enter the university after her father had finished his second term as president, meaning she would receive a little less media attention. The press may not have followed her around on her first days at Harvard, but Malia’s classmates clearly haven’t been able to help but take notice of her presence on campus.

Pictures have surfaced on social media over the last few days of Malia moving into her college dorm and chatting with her classmates.


Malia looks perfectly comfortable in her new environment. However, it’s hard not to notice President and Michelle Obama’s dark sunglasses and assume that they were donned to hide their teary eyes. The former president, in particular, has been known to get emotional about seeing his daughters grow up.

Malia is starting college with two high-profile internships under her belt. She first interned on the set of HBO’s Girls, and the show’s creator, Lena Dunham, has said that she was an “angel” and “enthusiastic” about the work. Malia then moved on to intern at The Weinstein Company, the office of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Malia will officially start classes at Harvard on August 30, and people who have commented about her big move on Twitter have made it clear that they’re excited to see what the future holds for her.

While many of her classmates were, naturally, star struck upon first seeing Malia on Harvard’s campus, Elliot King, a professor of communication at Loyola University Maryland, has predicted that the extra attention will fade with time.

King told The Washington Post about what he expects from Malia’s classmates:

‘When you see somebody every day, they stop being a celebrity. Part of being a celebrity is the distance, their mediated image. You’re not really seeing the flesh-and-blood person who has to raise their hand and answer a question or be your lab mate.’

Featured image via Alo Ceballos/GC Images.

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