Prominent Lawyer Outed As Neo-Nazi; His Law Firm’s Response Will Make You Cheer

Following the violent Unite the Right rally that took place last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, a number of those who were involved have rightfully lost their jobs and even been arrested. Even people who didn’t attend the rally but share the beliefs of those who did are losing work as a result. Last week, for example, Michigan bar owner Aaron VanArsdale had to temporarily shut down his business after photos surfaced on social media of him giving the Nazi salute.

On Monday, Minneapolis attorney Aaron Davis joined the ever-growing list of unemployed neo-Nazis. Davis previously worked at Patterson Thuente, the Minneapolis patent law firm. He was fired from his position after City Pages, a local Minneapolis newspaper, published a cover story connecting him to Behold Barbarity Records, a record label that produces music for a number of neo-Nazi-affiliated bands.


City Pages published the first story exposing Davis on August 16. A few hours after the story was released, Davis was placed on “administrative leave,” and his biography was removed from the Patterson Thuente website.
The firm has claimed that it had no idea Davis was involved in selling records for bands with songs like “Kill the Jews,” and “At the Dawn of a New Aryan Empire.”

The firm may not have known about the nature of the music Davis helped sell, but they wereaware of his involvement in the music industry. His biography, before it was taken down, said that he works to “assist record labels, artists, and entertainment companies throughout the United States” on licensing and intellectual property issues.

Patterson Thuente released a statement to Fox 9 last week, denying any affiliation with Davis’ side job.

‘As a firm, we are in no way affiliated with any of Mr. Davis’ outside pursuits…we are committed to conducting our business ethically and with integrity. Hate, bigotry and intolerance have no place in our society.’

On Monday morning, the firm issued another brief statement to City Pages, confirming that Davis is no longer employed with them:

‘Aaron Davis is no longer employed by Patterson Thuente Pedersen, P.A. Prior to the story, no one in the firm had any inclination regarding the allegations in the article.’

In the original story from City Pages about Davis, he was described as having a black sun tattoo — which is popular among white supremacists — on his bicep. He was also determined to be a fan of Bound for Glory, a band known for regularly screaming “White Power!”

City Pages also noted that, for years, Davis was in charge of a Satanic music festival in Chicago called Cathedral of the Black Goat. This festival was reportedly paired with “the more covert, Nazi-flavored Night of the Long Knives festival, named for a murderous moment in 1934 when Hitler went on a killing spree to consolidate power.”

Behold Barbarity has been deemed a “rallying point for racists” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that works to identify and combat hate groups through the United States. SPLC director Heidi Beirich said that the time of music the record label produces encourages violence and hatred.

‘It’s just no surprise that we’ve seen everything from low-level common assault to murder. They come directly out of that scene.’

Davis seems to have brought quite a bit of bad press Behold Barbarity’s way. At this rate, he might not even be able to fall back on his side gig.

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