Protestors Just Sent White Supremacists A Message By Toppling Confederate Statue in North Carolina

Tonight, protestors and true patriots decided to take the law into their own hands to send a message to white supremacists; we will not tolerate you, and you will not win. Protestors surrounded and toppled a Confederate monument in Durham, N.C. to send a strong message to all white supremacists.

Video posted to social media shows protestors surrounding the monument and chanting “No KKK! No fascists! USA” as they pulled down the statue with a yellow rope. They then proceeded to kick the statue and cheer its removal. You can see it all in the clip below;


The monument was dedicated a soldier who fought in the Civil War and an inscription on the front read “The Confederate States of America.”  It was brought to Durham, North Carolina, in 1924 and was located in front of a local government building.

An organizer of the protest said that toppling the statue was in response to the violence at the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville over the weekend. “It needs to be removed,” organizer Loan Tran said, “These Confederate statues in Durham, in North Carolina, all across the country.” Another view of the toppling can be see below;

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