Reporter Who Was On Helicopter With Coast Guard SLAMS Trump, And It’s Perfect (TWEET)

Just when you think Donald Trump can’t get any more despicable than he already is, he proves us wrong. Time and time again he’s bashed the media. The folks who have the constitutionally protected right to tell the story even if it shows Trump in a negative light. That is their job, to tell the truth, even if Trump doesn’t want to hear it.
During Hurricane Harvey, not only were rescuers from the National Guard and Coast Guard on the ground, in the water and in the air saving lives, but so were several members of the media. There are countless videos showing reporters taking their boats and pulling people from their homes, or reporters making sure someone is rescued.

So when Trump says this:

“I hear the Coast Guard saved … almost 11,000 people by going into winds the media would not go into…unless it’s a really good story.”


How dare he? We get that he hates the media because they tell the truth about how horrible he is, but to purposefully lie about the media, even joking about it, when they were in just as much of harm’s way as the rescuers, is inexcusable.

However, one reporter has spoken up. Andy Campbell of Huffington Post is calling Trump out for his dishonesty, and out right disrespect of the people who, unlike him who went for a photo op, were actually on the ground saving lives.

Campbell wrote:

It’s absolutely horrific that Trump would not only speak of the media in this regard but also of heroes who went above and beyond to save lives.

Trump went to Texas twice, the first time to literally just show face and leave hours later, and the second time to bring a camera crew to document the moment and put together a propaganda video to make it look like he’s some heaven sent of a leader — he’s not. When your approval ratings are hitting rock bottom, it was rather easy for him to take the moment and run so positive optics of him with Hurricane victims. If anyone should be ashamed of themselves and their behavior, it’s him. But don’t look for him to be ashamed because he seems incapable of the emotion.

Kudos to Campbell for speaking up.

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