Republican Congressman Puts Photo On Instagram That Says, “Hillary For U.S. Ambassador To Libya”

Virginia Rep. Dave Brat just deleted an Instagram picture after he received a backlash on social media.

Brat posted this picture that shows the GOP lawmaker with a man holding a sign that reads “Hillary Clinton for U.S. Ambassador to Libya.”


A caption on the now-deleted post read “sign says it all.”

He went on to say that the post had been “misinterpreted,” saying,”Dear Instagram friends, an earlier pic today was being misinterpreted so it has been removed.”

Brat said that the post wasn’t meant as a call to violence against Hillary Clinton.

“No, that’s — that’s laughable, right? I thought the guy was just getting at the Benghazi injustice that everybody knows is a tragedy. It had to do with all these tapes and stuff.”

“If this can be interpreted in any way as negative in that way — I apologize for that,” he added.

In the interview with NBC12, Brat said “The tone does start at the top, it’s my responsibility to get it right,” Brat said Monday. “So, we’re doing the best we can to have a rational, civil discourse. You saw me at all my town halls, I got yelled at for an hour-and-a-half and smiled and took every question … that’s the way I behave.”

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