Scott Baio’s Wife Just Attacked A Sandy Hook Mom, Said That Her Children Are In A “Better Place,” This Is DISGUSTING

Well, this is not a good look.

Renee Baio, the wife of Trump supporter Scott Baio, just tweeted to a Sandy Hook parent that her child is in “a better place.”
This follows Scott Baio’s suggestion earlier this week that the Sandy Hook shooting was a false flag, and that the mother of Heather Heyer was an “actor” who also acted at Sandy Hook.


In a since-deleted tweet, Renee Baio responded to a message from Nelba Marquez-Greene by telling her that it might be better that her child is dead and that Marquez-Greene’s “ugliness knows no bounds.”

As Marquez-Greene notes in her Twitter bio, her daughter was murdered in the tragic mass-shooting while her son survived.

Baio would not only go on to delete the tweet following the backlash on social media, but she also locked her Twitter account, making it private.
As you could imagine, Twitter was not happy:


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