Singing Make America Great Again, Evangelicals say Trump is ‘God giving us another chance’ (VIDEO)

First Baptist Church Dallas hosted Trump and evangelicals with a very cultish type Independence Day celebration. The excerpted video makes one believe they are living in an alternate state of reality showing the choir singing ‘Make America Great Again’ and Pastor Jeffress saying Trump is God giving America a second chance.

Evangelicals flooded the John F. Kennedy Center hosted by First Baptist Church Dallas to present a cultish ‘Make America Great’ Trump adoration. This program made it clear why Donald Trump does not believe he needs to conform to what an American president must be.


The program started with a choir singing a flurry of patriotic songs accompanied by a very professional sounding orchestra. It included a new song, ‘Make America Great Again.’ The music director proudly announced that that was the premier of the song. He thanked the songwriter.

“We are thankful that its composer, a former minister of music at First Baptist Church of, Dallas,” the musical director said. “Is here with us celebrating tonight. Gary Moore would you please stand, great job.”

The church then announced their pastor, Robert Jeffress who would introduce Donald Trump. The introduction described a Trump the average American could not possibly recognize.

Jeffress all but declared that the United States is a Christian country. His following statement raised many eyebrows.

“It is also an indisputable fact that in recent years there had been those who tried to separate our nation from its spiritual foundation,” Jeffress said. And that reality has caused many of us, many Christians to despair and to wonder, ‘Is God finished with America? Are our best days over? Has God removed his hands of blessing from us?’ But in the midst of that despair came November the 8th, 2016.”

“It was on that day, November 8th that God declared that the people, not the pollsters were gonna choose the next president of the United States. And they chose Donald Trump. President Trump won the Evangelical vote by the largest margin in history because Christians understood that he alone had the leadership skills to reverse the downward death spiral our nation was in.”

Robert Jeffress claims that everywhere he went, people, likely Evangelicals, were more excited now than they were on election day. He said Trump has not only met but exceeded their expectations.

“President Trump has done more to protect religious liberty,” Jeffress said. “than any president in the United States history. And we are grateful to him for that.”

He then made the claim of a divinely sent Donald Trump.

“Millions of Americans believed the election of President Trump represented God giving us another chance,” Jeffress said. “Perhaps our last chance to truly make America great again. And how grateful we are. We thank God every day that he gave us a leader like President Trump. Would you join me now in welcoming a great leader, a great patriot, my friend, the President of the United States of America, President Donald Trump.”

Some may believe those adoring Trump fans are all unreachable. That is not true. The reasons the leaders of the Evangelical movement and the Trump movement must put on these elaborate charades is to create an alternate reality. It is not sustainable if the Progressive base and activists just stay the course. Keep telling the truth with detailed with personalization that will ultimately penetrate the psyche of some.

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