Stephen Curry’s Wife Just Gave A Classy Response To Trump’s Attack On Her Husband

NBA superstar Stephen Curry woke to find himself the target of one of President Trump’s infamous weekend Twitter tirades Saturday morning. His fellow professional athletes immediately came to his defense, lashing out in the news and on social media throughout the day Saturday.




Now Curry’s wife is speaking out. Ayesha Curry took to Twitter with a classy response that exposed the President’s vanity and the self serving nature of his own tweets.




The President took issue with what he must feel is a lack of enthusiasm from Stephen Curry for the invitation to the White House he received as a member of the NBA championship winning Golden State Warriors.

Title winners from each of the major sports are traditionally invited to the White House to meet the President. Usually those visits go off without a hitch. That changed in April when multiple players from the NFL champion New England Patriots boycotted their team’s visit to protest the President’s divisive campaign and the controversial early months of his presidency.

The Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship in June, and immediately players, Steph Curry among them, began hinting that they might do the same. Trump chose this morning to single Curry out, a move that backfired immediately as athletes and personalities from across the sports landscape lashed out.


This wasn’t the only sports-related attack launched by the President this weekend. On Friday, he called NFL players who kneeled during the national anthem in protest “sons of bitches.” That move met with its own parallel but related backlash Saturday, as athletes, owners, and even the NFL commissioner himself condemned the President vehemently.

If Trump keeps this up, the only sports venues he’ll be welcome at are his own golf courses.

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