Ted Nugent Breaks His Promised “Civility Pledge” To Call President Obama An “Absolute Piece Of Sh*t”

“Cat Scratch Fever” singer Ted Nugent is back, and once again, he is slamming former President Obama.
About a month ago, Nugent swore that he would be more respectful when discussing politics. That didn’t last long. According to the Kansas City Star, during his concert in Bonner Springs, Kansas, Nugent was doing well until he got to his song “Dog Eat Dog.”

First, he praised President Donald Trump, and then cheered the U.S. Military. Not too bad yet. After he had cheered the military, he said he was sorry they had to serve eight years under President Obama…and proceeded to call Obama an “absolute piece of sh*t,” and “if that offends you, you’re a piece of sh*t.”


Nugent made his pledge after a disgruntled American fired on Republican Congress members while they were practicing for the Congressional baseball game. Nugent claimed that he “reevaluated” his choice of language. He promised to stop saying “anything that can be interpreted as condoning or referencing violence.”

“At the tender age of 69, my wife has convinced me I just can’t use those harsh terms,” Nugent confessed. “I cannot and will not and I encourage even my friends/enemies on the left, in the Democrat and liberal world, that we have got to be civil to each other.”

In the past, he’s not only called Obama a “piece of sh*t,” but also a “subhuman mongrel,” and said Obama could “suck on my machine gun.” When campaigning for Trump, Nugent told Clinton to “ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless b*tch,” while waving around a machine gun.

He made his pledge out of respect to the victims of the Congressional shooting—respect that didn’t even last 40 days.

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