Trump Blocked Stephen King On Twitter And What King Did Next Is Brilliant

Donald Trump loves to attack people on Twitter, however when people speak the truth to him, he throws a tantrum or blocks them. Well, one person found the perfect way to respond to being blocked by Trump and it’s the best ever!

When Popular filmmaker and author Stephen King found out he was blocked on twitter by Trump because his tweets weren’t to the President’s liking, King decided to block Trump from watching his movies. And if you’ve ever seen a King movie, you know that’s a big deal! He tweeted out,


According to The Hill, Trump reportedly blocked King back in June and his threat comes just in time for the release of remake of the classic horror film “It,” which will be in theaters Sept. 8 and the release of a horror series “Mr. Mercedes” this month, both of which were adapted from his books.

King has been critical of Trump before and called for his impeachment this month after Trump made his controversial “fire and fury” threat to North Korea.

Trump is definitely losing his credibility with everyone. It’s going to be great to see Trump trying to make his to a King movie, but gets denied access. The President’s credibility and likeability factor are nonexistent. King, you are a Hero.

Featured Image via Getty Images and Twitter

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