Trump Ignores Mexico’s Offer To Help Texas – Tillerson Responds Like A Bad*ss

President Trump has never had anything nice to say about Mexico. Before he was even president, he devised a plan to build a giant border wall, claiming that Mexico would be footing the bill. Last week, during an infamous Twitter rampage, Trump called Mexico “one of the highest crime nations in the world,” claiming yet again that they would be funding his border wall.


Despite this, Mexico offered their help with the ongoing disaster that is Hurricane Harvey. During a photo-op with Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations Luis Videgaray Caso, Secretary of state Rex Tillerson thanked the Mexican government for their support, and for their offer of disaster assistance in areas ravaged by Hurricane Harvey, stating:

‘It’s very generous for Mexico to offer to help in this very, very challenging time.’


Another unlikely source took the time to announce that he was appreciative of Mexico’s offer. Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who has in the past claimed that ISIS was running through the US-Mexican border, announced that he would be happy to accept the offer for assistance from Mexico. Abbott told reporters:

‘We have a list of aid and assistance that they have offered to provide that we are accepting. I don’t have the list, but I can tell you loosely, it involves things like vehicles and boats and supplies and food.’



Despite the fact that Mexico has ever-so-kindly offered help, despite the administration continuously bashing the country in the media, Trump still cannot resist trash talking the country. During a speech on tax reform in Missouri, the president stated that Mexico is unhappy, and that he is still looking to renegotiate NAFTA, adding:

‘We’re working right now on NAFTA. The horrible, terrible NAFTA deal that took so much business out of your state and out of your cities and towns. And we’re working on it, let’s see what happens.’

So, while avid supporters of the president, Tillerson and Abbott, are thanking Mexico for their help during this trying time, the leader of the country is still taking shots at the country, instead of being a gracious and thankful leader.



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