Trump Just Arrived In Poland And Got An Unexpected Surprise

Upon arriving in Poland for a session of the Three Seas Initiative summit, Trump was greeted by a clear message projected onto Warsaw’s most famous and tallest building, the Palace of Culture and Science, courtesy of Greenpeace.


Pawel Szypulski of Greenpeace Poland justified their move:

“President Trump announced that the US would leave the Paris agreement but he is isolated in that decision. Approximately 200 countries have accepted the climate accord and have no plans to withdraw. The European Union, as well as China, India and Canada strongly agree that actions to protect the climate must be carried out independently of Trump’s rash and irresponsible decisions. Moreover, many US states like California, which itself is one of the largest world economies, have declared that they will implement the Paris Agreement, contrary to Trump’s policy.”
Greenpeace has been a vocal opponent of Trump since he took office. In his first weeks as President, they were responsible for displaying a 70-by-30-foot “Resist” banner on a crane visible from the White House.

Further demonstrations are being planned during Trump’s visit to the eastern European country, including a “Handmaid’s Tale”-themed protest, similar to the ones that have sprung up throughout the United States. The novel, written by Margaret Atwood and recently made into a Hulu series, portrays a totalitarian, fundamentalist state in which women are reduced to second-class citizens. Trump critics have drawn parallels to this administration and events in the story.

Trump may have hoped that his arrival in conservative Poland would cushion the blow of what is expected to be a contentious G20 summit in Germany on Friday, but it has thus far proven anything but friendly. Trump’s backwards, reckless, and dangerous agenda – the same one that has engendered his dismal 22% confidence rating internationally – is proving to be just as unpopular around the world as it is at home.



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