Trump Just Posted His Most Unpresidential Tweet Yet, This Is Beyond Petty (TWEET)

Just as he was receiving uncharacteristically high marks for his recent visit to disaster zones in Texas and Louisiana, Donald Trump took the time to remind everyone that he’s still a scumbag and that the immature Trump that embarrasses the country on a daily basis is still alive and well.

After proving assistance to relief efforts and meeting with survivors, Trump decided to reward his efforts with a jab at his old 2016 presidential campaign opponent. Proving to the rest of the world that America has a toddler in the White House, Trump retweeted a random Twitter supporter and made fun of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s book about the 2016 election, What Happened, is set to release in a few days and Trump just couldn’t help himself from making this immature, petty statement:


Right after this disgusting tweet was shared, Trump tweeted about the “cooperation and coordination” he witnessed during his trip to the South. He also reminded everyone that Sunday would be a national day or prayer for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Seriously, it’s almost as if there are two different people running Trump’s Twitter account right now.

Trump’s love of engaging with random Twitter users has gotten him into trouble before (let’s not forget all the times he shared white supremacist tweets), but he still hasn’t learned his lesson. Just like he can’t let go of his pathetic crowd sizes, tiny hands, or any of the other long-standing feuds Trump has with the media or other high profile figures, Trump cannot let go of the election – even though he emerged as the winner.

This tweet is so egotistical and petty, it clearly signals a man who is too self-absorbed and immature to lead a country. This is highly inappropriate coming from the President of the United States, and he deserves all the backlash he gets for it.

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