Trump Releases Third Tweet About Hurricane Harvey & Americans Respond In Force

President Trump received a lot of criticism on Friday for his delayed response to Hurricane Harvey, a Category 3 storm expected to do serious damage along the Gulf Coast. Now, his last several tweets have been about the hurricane, and it seems he’s trying to make up for his earlier failings.
Trump, who is spending the weekend at the Camp David retreat, tweeted on Friday afternoon:


Shortly after this tweet went up, Trump posted another that was worded essentially the same way, with an update about the increased wind speed as the storm gets closer.

Not surprisingly, the majority of Trump’s followers were not impressed with his updates, and they let him know it in their responses to his tweets.

It seems Trump is intending to live tweet the entire storm from Camp David. Unfortunately for him, much of the country is only going to remember that it took so long to comment because he was too busy tweeting petty attacks at Bob Corker and the “fake news media.”

Featured image via Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images.

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