Trump Suggests He Will Take Away Congress’ Special Insurance Carve Out, Dem. Senator Loses It

President Donald Trump took office with the help of the American people, who happened to be tired of the corrupt shady business that was taking place in Washington. And it seems that now President Trump is staying true on his campaign promises, taking a step further to “drain the swamp” by making a suggestion that members of Congress shouldn’t receive special health insurance that everyday American’s don’t get, since their Obamacare act is so “special” and precious to them.

But now that Trump has attempted to give the Congressmen a taste of the people’s medicine, literally, the members immediately freaked out and went in an outrage, going on Twitter to speak their complaints:


The thing they interpreted wrong was that President Trump’s suggestion was not a threat, just a way for the members of Congress to realize how hard Obamacare makes it for everyday people, since the officials are receiving special care, and the average Americans aren’t. In other words, they don’t realize how serious the problem with Obamacare is since they don’t have to live with it, and as a results, lack the sense of urgency to repeal it.

This is without a doubt, a good way that President Trump will help the Congressmen open their eyes to the struggle of the people with the catastrophe of a health care act.

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