Trump Wakes Up At 3:44 AM & Live Tweets His Own Sunday NFL Mental Breakdown

On Sunday, traditionally a day for gathering with friends and family to watch professional football games, the U.S. president once again made his focus an ongoing feud between himself and the NFL players who choose to kneel during the national anthem in protest of racial discrimination.


Donald Trump has never appeared to have been one to grasp the concept that there are things more important than money, ratings, and fame. Integrity, for example, or standing up for others less fortunate, those are concepts that do not seem to resonate with the new president. As his previous rants about how football players are “privileged” economically and yet protest during the national anthem shows, Trump doesn’t understand a selfless act of standing up for others. He also is still deaf to the reality that economic privilege does not, nor has it ever, exempt one from racial discrimination.

In his unprecedented calls for private citizens to be fired, Trump is undermining the very concept of freedom of speech. While an employer has every right to set expectations of conduct for those they hire, the president has no business interfering with those decisions.

Twitter has been on fire with the debate surrounding the NFL protests and the president’s interference, and Sunday was no exception.


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