Trump Wakes Up On A Tear; Gets On Twitter & Announces TV Promo & ‘FAKE NEWS!’ Meltdown

The president is finally, apparently, back in Washington, D.C., this week after having spent seventeen days on a “working vacation.” Most of those days were spent at his private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

What is he doing now that he’s back in D.C.? Is he taking meetings about pressing issues of national security policy or national health care policy? Is he working on propping up his staff after the abrupt departure of Steve Bannon so that his administration can run as smoothly as possible?


Nope. He’s not doing any of those things; instead, he’s just watching Fox & Friends.

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Early Monday, he posted praise of one of his longtime allies, the Rev. Jerry Falwell, on the occasion of him appearing on Fox & Friends.

Trump wrote:

‘Jerry Falwell of Liberty University was fantastic on @foxandfriends. The Fake News should listen to what he had to say. Thanks Jerry!’

Falwell’s support for Trump has proven to be so precarious for his school and already failing reputation that some Liberty University graduates are literally returning their diplomas in protest.

Trump retweeted one of the replies to his tweet about Falwell. The reply read:

‘Every single day the #FakeNews media try to take you down.. You never falter, you always stand strong!’
Trump’s added comment says:

‘Thank you, the very dishonest Fake News Media is out of control!’

Trump has retweeted fake accounts before, and it’s not clear that this account isn’t fake too.

Check out Twitter’s thoughts below.

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