Trump Whines Because He Can’t Get Any Bills Passed & Then Contradicts Himself Minutes Later

President Trump is experiencing slightly above average levels of mental delusion this morning, as he literally suggested that his presidency is the, “best ever.” On top of that, Trump whined and complained this morning about the filibuster in the Senate, making it impossible for him to pass bills because, “8 Dems control the Senate!” He claimed “8 Dems” control the Senate, but then literally minutes later, he bragged about how he has passed more bills than “few, if any” other administrations.

“If Senate Republicans don’t get rid of the Filibuster Rule and go to a 51% majority, few bills will be passed. 8 Dems control the Senate!” Trump posted first.


“Few, if any, Administrations have done more in just 7 months than the Trump A. Bills passed, regulations killed, border, military, ISIS, SC!” Trump posted next. SC stands for Supreme Court, presumably (with Trump you never know).

The only bills Trump is passing are from the United States Treasury into his bank account, by constantly visiting his own properties and forcing the Secret Service to pay his over inflated prices.

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