Trump Woke Up At 4:33AM & Tweeted To Steve Bannon Like An Insecure Man Child

There was mass celebration on Friday when one of the sleaziest men to ever sit in the White House made his angry exit after being fired just seven months into Trump’s administration. Afterward, everyone realized that other sleazy racists like Sebastian Gorka, Stephen Miller, and Donald Trump are still around, and the win didn’t feel quite so good.

Bannon ran straight to the press and trashed Trump, saying that “the Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over.” The poor alt-right and white nationalists bemoaned their fall down one more rung of the ladder and Bannon headed back to his “platform for the alt-right, Breitbart. In a move oddly uncharacteristic of the bombastic and insulting Trump, he praised Bannon on Twitter and recalled fond memories of his time as the hero of the white nationalists with Bannon by his side.


Ah, yes. Who can forget those wondrous days when a man prone to bragging about grabbing women “by the p*ssy” had the indecency to bring his opponent’s husband’s alleged sexual assault victims to a debate in the most disgusting move a presidential candidate has ever made, or watching a man who defrauded thousands of college students with a fake university ranting about “crooked” politicians and their lack of transparency while he refused to release his tax returns. Those were great days in the dumbing down of American politics, right?

Twitter was there to respond to Trump’s idiocy in a big way.


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