Trump Woke Up At Dawn & Live Tweeted To Fox & Friends Like A Level 1 Moron

Donald Trump has tried to exploit the massive natural disaster happening in Texas after a category four hurricane devastated the lives, homes, and businesses there. Making it a point to brag about how much he is doing to stay involved despite his budget cuts to FEMA and other programs designed to address these issues.

Of course, Trump can’t stick to one issue for very long. He must always come back to bragging about himself and his awesome presidency with all its amazing accomplishments, despite the fact that none of it is true. All of those budget cuts and failures to appoint people to positions needed to address America’s needs are, to Trump and his camp, somehow an accomplishment instead of the failures they represent.


In the middle of his bragging about how much he’s doing for Texas, Trump had to go on the defense to justify everything he hasn’t done well and retweet praise of himself in order to twist his failures, with the help of Fox News as usual, into accomplishments and pretend that it’s all some brilliant strategy he had planned all along.

Remember when all of those unfilled positions, including the director of FEMA, was the fault of obstructionist Democrats? Now it’s because Trump planned to reduce the size of government. Trump’s atrocious decision to pardon Joe Arpaio during a devastating natural disaster? That’s about Trump’s toughness and commitment to “law and order.”

The only real skill Trump has exhibited so far is his ability to gaslight. Twitter, however, is not buying it.


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