Trump’s Deputy Chief Of Staff Caught Sending Emails About Trump Meeting Putin During Campaign

One would think the ability to spell and have proper grammar skills would be a prerequisite to having access to the nuclear codes of the most powerful nation on earth. However, Donald Trump has shown us time and time again that he’s inept and incompetent at the simple task of basic grammar.
During yet another tweetstorm on Thursday morning, Trump decided he would combat the media, once again, and congratulate himself on all the varying speaking engagements he’s had this week.

President Trump’s Deputy Chief Of Staff Rick Dearborn emailed about top Trump officials meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin during Trump’s 2016 campaign.
Multiple sources are confirming that the email was sent by Dearborn around the same time Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner were meeting with a Russian lawyer in Trump Tower last year.


Congressional investigators have uncovered the email as part of the ongoing investigation into Russian collusion.

Currently, Dearborn and the White House are refusing to comment on the matter. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said she absolutely would not discuss “potentially leaked documents” fearing it a legal matter best upheld by White House counsel.

CNN is reporting additionally that the email about meeting Putin personally was sent right after the Russian “active measures” campaign to influence the election was already fully underway.

Per CNN:

zn-body__paragraph”>“This included cyberattacks against the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s senior staffers, as well as pro-Trump messaging by Kremlin-backed propaganda outlets, according to a report declassified by the US intelligence community in January.
“zn-body__paragraph”>And Dearborn wasn’t the only person within the Trump campaign emailing about potential Russia meetings. Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos sent an email to top campaign officials in March 2016 about arranging meetings with Russians, sources said. The subject line was “Meeting with Russian Leadership — Including Putin,” according to the source.”

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