Trump’s Ego SHATTERED As His TV Ratings Come In & Are Compared To President Obama’s

President Trump’s Afghanistan speech TV ratings have just come in, which now gives us enough speeches and ratings to go with them, to compare to former President Obama’s speeches. The numbers look terrible for Trump, which is fairly ironic because Trump has called himself a “ratings machine” in the past.


So after the ratings have come in, it turns out that former President Obama’s speeches were watched by millions more than Trump’s. About 30.6 million people watched Trump’s inauguration, but Obama had a whopping 19% more viewers during his 2009 inauguration, with 37.8 million people. When you consider how many more people have access to the internet, more than half a decade later, you can see how bad Trump’s numbers are. Then press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters that Trump pulled in “the largest audience ever to witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe,” despite overwhelming evidence proving otherwise.

Trump’s Afghanistan speech from this week, came in with a full 32% less viewership than Obama’s in 2009, with 28 million viewers versus 40.8 million for Obama. Trump constantly bragged during the election that his events brought in the highest network ratings. Turns out that was just yet another Trump lie. In addition, Trump’s first address to Congress on February 28th pulled in 47.7 million viewers, compared to Obama’s 52.4 million viewers in 2009.

The graphic below puts the comparison into prospective in visual form. Feel free to share this information around, to help expose Trump’s lies about his TV ratings and viewership!


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