WATCH: Hillary’s HORRIFYING Tweet Just Put Trump’s Life In Danger

The Democrats new target is the new Republican health care bill.

Of course, they don’t think is better than Obamacare.


What a surprise.

It seems like the Democrats didn’t learn anything from last month shooting in Alexandria, and instead of lowering their “hyperbolic rhetoric”, they have decided to increase it regarding the new Republican health care bill. According to our source Angry Patriot, following the proposal of the new bill that will replace Obamacare, Hillary Clinton took this on Tweeter and called the Republicans the “Death Party”.

Looks like Hillary Clinton is in the line with the words of her fellow Democrats, I guess this is the end of the bipartisan approach to ending political violence. Elizabeth Warren said before Congress that the new GOP health care bill has been paid with “blood money” And said further that millions of deaths of Americans, will be the result if cuts are made to Medicaid.

I am sure you know that, Bernie Sanders and his wife are now facing a federal investigation for activities that they made. Well, he also had a comment for the new bill and said that it is “barbaric,” While this some people might not see this important, it should be known that all these talks can have consequences.

According to the reports, the gunman who shot Steve Scalise, James Hodgkinson was attacking Republican lawmakers because of the possibility that the Obamacare’s replacement would prevent him from treating his illness. With this information, it is obvious that the Democrats caused this.

I guess with the claim that the new bill will end lives they are trying to say that Obamacare saved lives and that we all know that this is not true. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that in the year that Obamacare went into effect, the average life expectancy in the country dropped.

Yes, there are some true reasons why the new bill isn’t perfect, with the fact that nothing is “free market” about the health insurance monopoly. But saying that the Obamacare saved the country’s health care is ridiculous. I think that President Trump is right wanting to replace it.

And let’s be real here, the Democrats will criticize any kind of replacement and they will never admit if it’s a better solution!

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Hillary Clinton calls the GOP the "Death Party" ahead of the long-awaited health care vote expected to take place later this week. GOP Congressman Andy Biggs weighed in (and laughed a little too). What are your thoughts on Hillary's harsh words?

Posted by Charles Payne on Monday, June 26, 2017


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